Monday, August 4, 2014

IFC Anniversary Challenge

          It's Hard to believe it already been a year now, Since we started this event.  In order to recall the memories,   in no particular order I have selected 2 recipes from each month in below list starting August 2013.  Hope this will be a another chance for us to try the missed out recipes.  And so new  members will also know what we have done in past one year. 

 Thanks for all my wonderful hostess  Priya Suresh,  Manjula Bharath, Shazia Wahid, Briju Parathasarathy,
and all my IFC members for successfully driving this event.. So looking forward your participation in this Anniversary month.. 

1. Spiral Moon Cake  hosted by Saraswathi Tharagaram
2. Sweet and sour chicken hosted by Saraswathi Tharagaram
3.  Tarte flambee hosted by Shobana
4.  Kugelhopf ~ Eggless by Shobana
5.  Crostini with cherry-tomatoes hosted by Priya Suresh
6. Mozzarella in carrozza hosted by Priya Suresh
7.  Rajasthani halwa platter hosted by Manjula Bharath
8. Rajasthani Festive platter hosted by Manjula Bharath
9.  HokkaidoChiffonCupcakes hosted by Shazia Wahid
10. HokkaidoMilkBread hosted by Shazia Wahid
11. Garden vegetable strudel hosted by Briju Parathasarathy
12. Austrian dumplings with vanilla sauce hosted by Briju Parthasarathy
13.  Andalusian Stuffed tomatoes hosted by Sharanya Pathmanathan
14. Andalusian courgette tortilla hosted by Sharanya Pathmanathan
15. Fereni persian dessert hosted by Savitha Ramesh
16. Persian saffron tofu hosted by Savitha Ramesh
17. Bavarain potato pancake hosted by Saraswathi Tharagaram
18.  Auszogne Bavarian donuts hosted by Saraswathi Tharagaram
19. Croque Monsieur hosted by  Joanne T Ferguson
20. California pizza hosted by Joanne T Ferguson
21.  Tofu pad thai noodles hosted by Sangeetha Priya
22. Northern thai chicken curry hosted by Sangeetha Priya
23.  Mandazi African donuts hosted by Ramya Krishnamurthy
24. hosted by Ramya Krishnamurthy

Please link your Celebration challenge in the below link..